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Assisted Living Blackfoot

Blackfoot Assisted Living Suggests Holiday Activities For Seniors

Gem Village Assisted Living wants the holiday season to be enjoyable not just for our residents, but for other seniors in our community. “The holidays can be a wonderful time, but they can also be lonely and stressful,” said Andrew Blaser, Gem Village Administrator. “We create a festive atmosphere for our residents, but also offer […]

Assisted Living Blackfoot

Seniors Benefit from Music and Dancing

Live music and dancing – maybe not exactly what the doctor ordered, but exactly the right prescription to get residents smiling, interacting, and yes…even dancing. One day while visiting with residents Andrew Blaser, Administrator at Gem Village Assisted Living, had a thought. “What if we could get them dancing?” That thought was the beginning of […]

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter Therapy:  Seniors Enjoy Humor Scheduling a game night with friends or watching a funny movie may be just the prescription for Seniors. That’s because scientists have shown that laughter has many positive impacts on the mind and the body beyond momentarily feeling good. For example, watching a funny TV show or movie triggers the […]

Importance of Social Interaction

  Recent research shows that seniors who are socially engaged are more likely to lead healthier lives and live longer when compared to seniors that feel isolated or ones that lack companionship. The study conducted has been one of the largest ever to focus and emphasize loneliness as a separate condition than general depression. Researchers […]

Linking the past to the Present- The Benefits of Reminiscing

Linking the Past to the Present – The Benefits of Reminiscing By Kristine Dwyer, Staff Writer   Uncle Joe recalls the good old days when a Ford coupe was $500, gasoline cost 19 cents a gallon, a postage stamp was three cents, and penny candy was a treat. Grandma Millie tells stories about growing up […]

Assisted Living Overview

Assisted Living Overview Assisted living is a type of residence for seniors who may need help in managing certain basic daily living activities such as cooking meals, bathing or dressing themselves, doing laundry, or taking medications without assistance. Seniors in an assisted living center can maintain an active lifestyle while their family members get the peace […]

Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle for Seniors

A sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous for seniors and older adults.